Instachk's Digiboards benefit both the consumer and the retailer. Consumers are able to learn about new products, new brands and stores and are able to shop cheap due to an increased awareness of discounts and offers around them! Retailers are able to increase footfall into their store, as customers either flick through them in taxis, or at social spots such as shopping malls. 


Our In-Cab Digiboards are placed at the headrest of the passenger seats in taxis. Customers can look through them as the taxi drives them from Point A to Point B, and the app updates as locations change as well. 


Malls and social spots also place our Digiboards at convenient and strategic locations so that shoppers are able to look through the catalogue. This generates brand awareness, and works in real-time. Any discount will immediately be placed on our digiboards, thus attracting immediate footfall to stores.