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  • The competition begins at 17:00 IST on 25 March, where a list of cases will be released to you. 
    • Team members will choose one case from the list that is provided, and will work in their team to solve this case. 
  • The competition ends at 23:59 IST on 31 March, where your final submission must be in. 
  • Each team needs the following: 
    • 1-3 Coders
    • 1 UI/UX Designer
    • 1 Marketer
  • You can apply to this competition as a team or as an individual. 
    • If you apply as an individual, we will assign you to a team! Similarly, if your team doesn't have enough of people, we will assign an individual to join your team. 
  • We will fly two finalists down to Singapore and present their ideas to Instachk. All team members will be offered an internship, or a full time job. The winning team will also win 1,500 USD!


For any further queries, please contact: shalini@instachk.today