Burning Money

Today I accidentally clicked on an ad on my phone.

It was an ad that took me to a job portal. 


I quickly exited and went back to scrolling though Twitter.


Do I need a job? No.

Do I need to hire? No.

I'm an 18 year old exploring the world and finding ways to make it better, and I'm building InstaChk with an amazing team.

So there is absolutely no reason why I would click on that ad.

Yet, how much did the advertiser spend on showing me that ad?

I went to look it up. 


There's $4.00 that just went down the drain, because I didn't care.

That ad cost $4.00 for each person who sees it. Millions are seeing that ad every day.

Millions of dollars are being washed down the drain, because users don't care about the ad.

We have a problem.

Amit Chatterjee