What is Instachk?


Instachk is a B2B technology company that creates hyper-local mobile digital solutions within the retail sector with technology built on artificial intelligence, wifi fingerprinting and data analysis of consumer travelling, behavioural and spending habits.


3 Steps to place a deal!

Step 1.jpg

Step 1

Select the desired area to place the deal.

Step 2.jpg

Step 2

Snap a picture.

Step 3.jpg

Step 3

Select the duration of the deal and click publish.


the Magic of Instachk

  • No need to download a new app to view these incredible deals.

  • Deals will be shown in all popular apps which have the Instachk widget.

  • Way more outreach than one singular app.

  • Transportation Apps

  • Fitness Apps

  • Shopping Mall Apps

  • Creating targeted deals to potential customers based on their shopping habits

  • Using mobile hyper local marketing to increase the chances of fulfilling a deal

  • An inbuilt MIS system to help merchants track their ROI


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